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John Hemmerling For San Diego Sheriff 2022


Leadership. Professionalism. Unity. Accountability.

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Solutions / Strategy


John Hemmerling's commitment to public service and the law spans nearly 30 years with a proven record of leadership as a decorated Marine Corps Officer and former head criminal prosecutor at the San Diego City Attorney's Office. John's relationship with law enforcement began growing up as a son of a police officer and becoming a police officer himself. During his years as a San Diego Police Officer, John earned his law degree at the University of San Diego and eventually joined the City Attorney's Office. Woven throughout his entire career are three decades of faithful service in the Marine Corps. John has led at all levels as a Marine Corps officer, rising to the rank of Colonel and commanding a battalion of 800 Marines in the war in Iraq. John continued to lead the way as an Assistant City Attorney, overseeing eight divisions with over 200 plus staff before retiring in 2022. Whether on the battlefield, street, or in the courthouse, John is the leader you want with you in the trenches. Those who know John understand his strong sense of duty to the public and the ways he holds himself accountable for the actions of his team. He believes in collaboration and innovation when common solutions fail. He will be ready from day one to engage in important issues. John will fight to build an even greater standard for all.

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